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What is a Mentor?

In our programs, a mentor is a male adult who can be a positive role model for your school-aged young boy. Our mentors spend quality time with a boy and offer support, encouragement and fun.  Boys who have a mentor tend to do better in school and have higher self-esteem. 

What are the benefits of group mentoring?


In 2016 the National Mentoring Research Center conducted an extensive evidence review to determine what the research on group mentoring programs had generally concluded about their effectiveness, the factors that enhance or limit their effectiveness, and efforts to bring group mentoring to scale nationally. This review concluded that there is some preliminary evidence that:

  • Group mentoring programs can produce an array of positive outcomes for youth (behavioral, emotional, academic, etc.) and seem to be effective across a wide range of youth participants (ages, ethnicities, etc.).
  • Additional relational processes, such as group cohesion and belonging and a strong group identity, may also contribute to the outcomes youth experience from group mentoring.
  • Group mentoring programs offer a context for activities that develop mentee skills, change mentee attitudes, and offer positive peer interactions; and that these processes may lead to behavioral outcomes for participants.

How do I apply for my son to have a mentor?

We will send you a form to complete so that we can find the best mentor for your son.  After review, we will discuss expectations with you, and depending on our available mentors, we will provide a match for either an individual or group program.

Ready for a mentor?

Click here to contact us.  We will get back to you very quickly.